How Many Combinations in Swertres

How Many Combinations in Swertres

In Swertres, also known as 3D Swertres Lotto, players are required to select three numbers from a set of 0 to 9. To determine the total number of possible combinations, we can use the combination formula:


In this case, n represents the total number of choices available (which is 10, as there are 10 possible digits from 0 to 9), and r represents the number of choices we’re making (which is 3 in Swertres).

Plugging These values into the formula:


Therefore, there are a total of 120 possible combinations in Swertres. This means there are 120 different ways to select three numbers from the set of 0 to 9. Keep in mind that this calculation provides the theoretical number of combinations, but in practice, the actual outcome of the lottery draw is entirely random.

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